Home Is House Without You (The Sound Of Love)

The house that became home when you walked in, the walls that turned scented when you touched them,   the corridors that never knew light, were filled with light, the moment you stepped into. The house that lived in sorrow, your presence made it smile, and laughter echoed. But now that you have left, the home is not home anymore. The home has become a house, just a house! The walls have become dull, as if they miss you. The rooms, they don’t shine, even if lit. Without you my house has reduced to silence. My house has turned into a haunted mansion, with your memories, grabbing my neck and choking my breath. My eyes, that adored your beauty once, are crying in the pain of your absence. The only emotion that is left to express my love for you, are tears. Even when you  

are not with me, I hear the echoes of your laughter and giggles all around. And often mistook every face, passing by me as yours. See, how addicted my eyes are to your face. They don’t want to adore anyone, but you. The food that you cooked was good to remove hunger, no, it was better, it relieved me from tiredness and stress as well; because it was cooked on the flames of love. Now I eat just to overcome the hunger. The foundation of the house that you strengthened by your affection, seems it has lost its strength and it is ready to fall. Now that you are not here anymore, the house is not any better than ruins. It waits for you to come back, so that it could become a home again.


  Yes! Life is not just a happy affair; at times, we also have to walk under the shadows of sorrow. But, now it cries in your memories. Please come back before it falls apart. Please come back so that my house could become home again. The layers of paint are coming off the wall like tears, seems it’s crying for you and asking you to come back. The sound of your footsteps is actually the sound of love that echoes when you walk. The house is mine but it wants you. Please come back and spread the light of your love so that it could become home again. Please come back so that the walls could smile again.

“I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Bluestone”.

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