Love is a lie; and lies keep us alive.

Everybody wants to be loved or to say everybody wants to be in dream. Dream, which has no IMG_20150303_102449connection with reality, dream never hurt till we don’t link it up with our life’s reality. Love is also a dream, a lie. It is our assumption that people around us, love us, but the fact is that they love themselves and we are just a source of entertainment when they are bored or you can say just a need for them. Love never come with give and take condition, but we never follow its rule, rule which say love is unconditional. We always want to be loved in return, we adore people because we want them to adore us in return. Love has its own world apart from the societies that we belong to, but the fact is they both run parallel to each other, both the worlds are incomplete without each other. Love which has no existence in reality which can be only felt by someone is no more than a lie, a lie which moved us from the world (Society) of sadness and harshness to the paradise where only smiles remains our companion. This is the power of love, which turns our assumptions into the reality but that reality is also part of dream. Love is a lie; and lies keep us alive.

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