A New Beginning

Darkness came alive but i was roaming here and there without any fear, I was wearing a short skirt and my sexy shiny legs were no more my enemy, I feel on top of the world, no one is questioning me, no one is calling me slut. Eyes of the men which were the biggest enemy of any girl, were no more able to scare me, they were looking towards me with respect; the respect, for which I was fighting from years with many other girls. I earned my dignity with respect and feeling proud of it. I have no fear that I’ll be eve teased; police were at every step to my way to protect me. I can see hoardings up on the big buildings which say “Rape is not a sign of men” instead of “Bollywood posters”. Time has changed; life became easy without any fear now i have no fear to get raped. Families which feared from societies before registering a complaint against the abuses were no more scared, they understood the fact that dignity remains pure after raising your voice not by keeping  your mouth shut. I was happy like anything, restrictions were no more part of my life, and I am flying like a free bird. Life was no more a burden on me. Now I can collect my dreams in the piggy bank of my world, knowing that no one will break it without my permission. I am feeling like princess, princess of my own kingdom who is fearless. Words like rape, abuse, dowry, etc were no more part of the dictionary.

“Wake up dear, its 10 o clock.”

Suddenly I heard a voice, l woke up and looked at the mirror. I was smiling, but in a slight change of second I realised that I was dreaming, nothing has been changed. I cannot see my short skirt; I have a piece of suit in front of me. I was scared again, but then it took me back to dream where I was giggling without fear, and tried to learn from that dream. I was happy, I smiled again, because I can dream and dream can turn into reality. That dream taught me to live; it gave me positive energy to live. I smiled again, freshened up, opened my almirah took my short skirts and I was on the roads to deal with the uncultured people and to teach them what respect actually is. I was happy because I am fighting for myself and I know, one day that dream will turn into reality, that dream fulfilled me with optimism and i was happy because I learned to fight for my rights. I earned positive vibes from that dream, I have restrictions with me but now I learned to break all restrictions. Optimism and positive energy embraced me with them, that dream again made me fall in love with my sexy shiny legs.

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