A decision which changed my life

I was depressed from many years, I forgot to smile. My life forgot what happiness is, I felt alone even in a group of people, and life had become only the procedure of breath in and out. I lost its essence; essence of living happily and enjoying every moment. I had everything with me; a good job, good salary, house and everything which was necessary to live a proper life but still I felt something was missing, and that something was my pleasure; pleasure of satisfaction. I was not satisfied with my life and that is the reason I felt depressed. Sadness became a daily routine, and nothing in this world was giving me happiness. One day I realized I am doing something wrong, what I am living is not my life, it is just a need to live, and that need only forced me to live but never gave me satisfaction. I realized I felt satisfied only when I write, literature is my actual life, and then I decided to talk to my family to go in the field of literature and earn the satisfaction. But I was scared, because once as a teen, I told them my inclination towards literature but they refused to support me and forced me to join engineering and then a professional life of an engineer. According to them it is necessary to live a proper life and that would fulfill all the needs of a daily life. After so many thoughts which were fighting in my mind, I decided to talk and as I was scared, the past repeated and they refused again. They were not supporting me to quit my job and work for literature. They did not understand my problem which I was facing from many years, the feeling of dying any moment if I continued to work according them. Life was becoming hell and I need to take some decision alone, I have to forget about my family for some time, but I have trust myself that I can feed myself and my family with my passion towards literature.

After so many discussions with myself, I decided to resign from my job, and I finally did it. My family was unhappy with my decision but I decided to prove them that I am not wrong. In a span of two days with giving full time to literature, I felt now I am alive, I am smiling, I am no more alone now. I kicked out my loneliness, but still I have so much to do because just happiness and smile cannot feed you. So I started working on my book which I started years ago and while writing I realized the satisfaction in myself. Now the pleasure of happiness is working for, but things did not end here; I was still unable to earn money. After completing the book, I sent it to many publishers but I was rejected by everyone, and that moment I thought I had taken a wrong decision. Now I thought that I am very poor in literature and my father was right that I cannot earn anything from it. And one day thinking about the same I received the mail, and I was shocked and on cloud nine at the same moment. An international publisher accepted my manuscript and they were ready to publish my book. I was happy and tears of happiness were rolling down from my eyes. I thanked my father for motivating me by his harsh words because they forced me to earn the dignity which I had lost after quitting the job. After 6 month of publishing, my book became the international bestseller and millions of copies were sold worldwide. My family was happy now; they hugged me having tears in their eyes. They didn’t say anything but I could feel their love and I knew I earned my dignity back and that too with my passion towards literature. That decision of resigning the job and entering in the field of literature was the turning point of my life. I learned one thing that if you have guts and trust in yourself you can do anything. I earned satisfaction, depression was now no more a part of my life, now I know the actual meaning of life, which is hope, and it makes me rich in life by pleasure of satisfaction as well as by money. So don’t loose hope to #StartANewLife. 

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  1. Irony is people like to decieve themselves and eventually learn to compromise with life.
    Salute to you. I wish more shud read and learn from people like you.
    Nice writing Ankit. All the luck for life.😊

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