Five Things You Should Not Say To A Girl

Girls are delicate like life, both love to be pampered. Love can never stay in your life if you lose hope,


and girls are mentally strong they provide you hope if you respect them. It is easy to die but hard to live and sacrifice. Don’t just live with her, if you really love her then live within her. So respect your girl and always say good words to her, do think properly what you are going to say, because if you hurt a girl she will never reply you with her harsh words but she will leave you with loneliness slowly and steadily.

Here are the ‘FIVE’ things which you need to oppose in front of a girl.

1.) DON’T UNDERESTIMATE HER BEAUTY :- Never say words like, “Hey look at that girl, she is beautiful, hot, cute, etc.” Oh C’mon, you are her man, so for you she must be the most beautiful girl in the world. Always make her feel special, always say she is beautiful in her own way, say some loving words for her eyes and hair. If you praise someone else beauty in front of her, she can feel uncomfortable, thoughts of ugliness could be established in her mind for long time which can move her to a state of depression. A Girl love her body more than anything, she believes her partner love her just because of two reason, her pure heart and her beauty. So love her, and make her feel beautiful.


2.) LET’S HAVE SEX TONIGHT :- Is she is a toy ? Or sex can be done without feeling of love ? The answer is ‘No’. Respect her feeling, don’t ever ask her for sex verbally, if you really want to make love with her, then approach her with your love, seduce her with your touches and eyes contacts, make her feel that you want to fly with her to the world of pleasure. Always try to show her that you want to have sex instead of asking. But always remember sex can not be done forcefully, so if she is not agree then respect her decision.


3.) PROMISE ME :- Do you know what is going to be happen in next 15 minutes ? An ordinary human would answer it ‘No’, then how could anyone promise you to be remain same in upcoming days, its a life, and life consist of up’s and down’s, and we cant imagine what will happen next, so dont bind her in promises, remember, if you ask her for promise she will never oppose you she will promise you because she loves you, but she will feel burden from then because she never want to hurt you by breaking her promises, so don’t ruin the essence of love by embracing it in promises. Sometimes Promises can also initiate the thinking of lack of trust which can ruin a relationship, so always make her feel that you trust her and you know she will not do something like that which hurt you. Make her believe that your relationship can flow smoothly without conditions too.


4.) USELESS :- if i say you, go and jump from the aeroplane with parachute. will you ? The answer would be ‘No’, but does it mean you are useless ? No. Dont link small or big work, work is work only, may be she does not feeling well but just only for you she is ready to do that particular work, so respect her, don’t scold over her, she could get hurt. Work can be done after sometime also, but if you break a girl heart it may take long time to recover. Try to understand her gesture, read her eyes if you find she is not feeling normal, then talk with her and if you find she is feeling normal then teach her with calm, it will fill more love and trust to your relationship.


5.) MY EX USED TO DO THIS :- You are in a committed relationship, you both love each other truly, but you both are not perfect. You accept her with her imperfections and vice-versa. So, if she accepted you forgetting your past relationships then she wanted you too forget it too, and at that moment if you use words like EX it can hurt her, she will feel like, there is something missing in her love thats why you cant move ahead. She will feel hurt, and if you hurt a girl you will miss the joy of love. So, move ahead, put your EX in dustbin and make your partner feel that you are more happy with her. Always make her feel that she completes you.

Follow these small steps and your girl will feel like princess.

11 thoughts on “Five Things You Should Not Say To A Girl

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  1. बहुत अच्छा लिखे हो अंकित भाई!
    thanx for reminding us what to do or not what to do


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