Together Forever

I had so many thoughts running in my mind, like what I would do when I see her, does she look the same like she looks in her photograph or she would be more beautiful. All the way from Bhopal to Mumbai, I just kept thinking about her. It was going to be my first meeting with her so I was a bit nervous but at the same time excited too. My relationship was a long distance relationship. We came in touch via internet, only saw each other in photographs or through video calls, but it was going to be the first time when I was going to see her in front me, in reality. Thousands of thought started running into my mind when my flight wass about to land and my heart started beating faster. I was getting even more nervous. Suddenly my flight landed, and the situation changed magically when I felt that I am finally in her city and she will be with me in some moment. A big smile made its way on my face. I took out her photograph from my wallet and kissed it.
I checked out from airport and my eyes were searching for her everywhere, and then I saw her, she was wearing a blue colour suit, short in height but too cute and looked like a doll. I shouted, “Veronica, I am here.” She turned and gave me a big smile; I ran towards her and hugged her tightly. People around us were watching but we were in our world where we were feeling like nobody is watching us. A silence prevailed and tears were rolling from our eyes, these tears were the tears of joy and happiness. I kissed on her forehead and we didn’t exchange any words still now, just kept on smiling. Both of us were poet but were short of words at that moment. It is like a dream come true for me and for Veronica too. Hand in hand we started walking towards her car. We got into the car and then she spoke out for the very first time and her words were, “Aseer, I love you”. Oh my god, her voice mesmerized me and I forget to reply; I was just seeing in her eyes, her eyes being the most beautiful eyes in the world. Tears rolled down from my eyes once again and I hugged her, and said, “I love you too, Veronica.”.

She was looking more beautiful than her photographs; she was more beautiful than my poetries in which I used to describe her beauty. I was feeling like I was dreaming, and then she touched my hand, and then I felt it’s a dream come true. We both were happy, we talked less and continuously kept watching in each other eyes. We were #Together after one year, and we hardly believed that we are with each other. She mesmerized me with her beauty and I always felt like I am dreaming and then suddenly she touched me, which made me believe that it is reality. We spent our whole day together, we cried, we smile and we loved. We did everything which we did virtually through phone calls and internet, we were living the same moments but with a slight change and that change is we can see each other, touch each other. We exchanged poetries which we wrote for each other. We both were happy; we were feeling like we found everything by getting #together. It was a memorable day for me and best day of my life because distance was no more between us. That meeting with my love fulfilled me with optimism. 

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