All Men Are Not Rapists

Every girl is not a victim of abuse but still she registers a false case in police station, sometimes to


take revenge because of her ego and sometimes for money, which proves that every man is not a culprit. Now a days, our society keeps teaching females to fight for our rights, but they forget to tell us what are actually our rights . They advise women to fight against men instead to fight against brutalism towards her as a result, some females grab unnecessary advantage of it and register false complain as she knows that females are treated like a minority community in India and we always save minorities to get vanished at any cost .our law also do the same and always on her side without even asking for actual proof . The shame is ever after knowing this fact, our society blames only men for this uncultured society. They say “All men are dog.” Forgetting that their father also belong to the same breed. A man is the first person in every girl’s life who support to take her first step, a girl never shares her inner most feelings with him, still a father understands his daughter’s expression and feeling better by just looking at her eyes because for a father, his daughter is his proud and dignity. he knows one day she will leave him with his culture, knowledge and etiquettes which he has provided her since her childhood to live a happily life and to teach the society because women also play an important role to feed society with good etiquette. Hence it shows that both the genders are parallel and both are incomplete without each other. Then why our society always pushes only females and all laws which implement are of against men. Are men’s not human being ? Are we all abuser ? The answer is ‘No’ .we must treat each and every person individually, if a man abuse a woman then only that particular men is uncultured and culprit not whole men’s society. And this same belongs to women also, we never say, ‘All women are bitch’, but we say this girl is characterless if she registers a false case. We men never show finger to the whole society of women, but we never hesitate to show middle finger to that particular girl who sells her respect and dignity to earn some money. A prostitute is better than that girl, she sells her body but never cheats, she sells her dignity without hurting anyone. We men have more respect for prostitute in comparison to those girls who register false cases.

Men are not dominant, we always believe in “Ladies first” but if women take its unnecessary advantage then we never hesitate to be dominant because its our social right to fight for our rights. We men only respect those who earns through us we never gift them. We are proud that we belong to men society who always respect a respected women and can teach a lesson of respect to uncultured false women.


Society thinks women are afraid to do job because men always see them with bad thoughts, (yes some are) but the actual truth is men are more afraid of women to get arrested by police under a false case of abuse register by a women.

P.S. This Blog post contains offence against those women who sell their dignity and respect by registering false cases.

2 thoughts on “All Men Are Not Rapists

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  1. Your comments are valid, but law doesn’t always go against men. Actually, practically, it is women who suffer the most because of our social fabric.
    Also, there is a thin line in crossing over for both men and women…we just need to be aware of the same and act appropriately.


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