Friendship Never Melts Away

We met through destiny, we departed because of destiny, but the love between would never die, we IMG-20150323-WA0025still care and love each other, we still smile when we see anyone of us smiling. We giggled together, we fought together, we got punished together just because destiny planned our togetherness. We are far away from each other, but still each of you is close to my heart, we found new friends but essence of our relationship remained same. Our life’s priorities changed but love and affection for each other didn’t. Our path changed but can’t separate our hearts. Togetherness of our friendship is our strength, that’s why at present even after physical separation, we feel strong. When we hugged, we exchanged loyalties and motivations. We all have our own priorities and we know time will never remain the same for anyone and never stop for anyone so there is nothing wrong in it if we chose to walk separately, trust me, it will never hurt if we were closed to each other ever, but at the same time, if we forgot those days when we don’t even walked to the washroom alone, it will hurt. For the mature world (So called) around us, friendship can ruin life, it only gives you pain, no one will feed you if you failed and haven’t get a professional life, yeah, it is true to some extent, no one will feed you but on the other hand, it is our friendship and togetherness which always pushed us and inspired us to get a better life.

Is there anyone who never missed anyone of us after separation ? Ummmm, the answer is ‘No’. It isIMG-20150323-WA0032 next to impossible, how could anyone forget those days when we never searched for happiness, we never asked for a reason to smile. Those days were blessed and most happiest time of our life. Each one of us missing those days in any manner. If we feel upset by remembering those days then it means, we want those days back in our life; when life had a single aim, that is to smile. Yes, I know we have other priorities too on those days but still we preferred to laugh without any reason, when we saw someone from us, laughing.


Time changed
We didn’t
We feel our existence
Around us every time, IMG-20150323-WA0026
We found new friends
But essence of our Relation
Is the only thing
Which makes us smile
From the heart,
We cry when
we miss each other
But we never tell
And hide our love,
Our priorities changed
But love remain same
It is power of friendship,
Promise me It will never change.


As we all are a normal human beings, so mistakes and misunderstandings will always walk with us, but the thing is, who will keep them apart from us for a long time and if these unwanted situations embraced us then who will came out or recover fast. Many of us have misunderstandings with each other but if we sit calmly and think about that, then we find those thoughts are useless, those thoughts are stealing our happiness, so, why don’t start from that place when everything was normal between us. (I personally apologize for those mistakes and misunderstandings which ruined our friendship and i believe you will forgive me.)

P.S. Yes, I am missing you all because I love you all. This Blog post have my feelings and I believe yours too.

P.S. Dedicated to my College friends ❤ 

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