Rapid Fire With Sonali Mukherji

Sonali Mukherji has an inherent interest for creative writing. She has done Masters in Business Economics and sonaliknows French language to an extent. She was working as a  Researcher in a Government economic research organization. Her work as a researcher kindled her interest in creative writing. Her  love for creativity and sharing knowledge with others has inspired her to develop her career in academics. She has been teaching French and English in a reputed school. She is also a content writer.  She loves writing fiction and poems. Her writing skills has been acclaimed and appreciated by intelligentsia.
She is a co-author of The Unbreakable You, an anthology of short stories which is available in book stores. Her poems have been published in recently released  publications Bizarre Emotions and Winged Heart.
Blogging is her passion and she has won several awards for her creative blog posts. She has been contributing  for Probashi ( a popular socio-cultural magazine). Some of her stories and poems can also be read online at Readomania.

 She can be reached at mukherji.shonali@gmail.com 

Her blogging id is, http://9shonalimukherji9.blogspot.in/

Here is the Rapid Fire round with a talented blogger and writer of literature industry.

 Aseer :- Writing
Sonali :- Writing is food for my soul. It is a means for translating my thoughts, views and opinions into words. The more I write, the better is my expression.   Writing for me is not just framing flowery  sentences but connecting the author in me with my readers.

Aseer :- Reading
Sonali :- Reading helps me to delve into another’s mind.  It  takes me to another world. It sparks up my imaginations and enhances my awareness.  Good books or articles always sensitize  me.

Aseer :- Short Story, Blogging or Full Length novel ?
Sonali :- Blogging is that forum where you can share your views, ideas and opinions. Its a platform where many people will know about your ideas.  . In today’s busy and hectic schedule, people find it quite difficult to spend some quality time with books, here anthologies and short stories play a great role. The reader can enjoy a short  story in the limited time available to him/her . I personally like short stories.

Aseer :- What’s something you don’t want to regret when you’re older?
Sonali :- The biggest regret in life is when a person is always hesitant to do something for fear of rapid copyfailure thereby missing an opportunity available to the person . As the saying goes,” opportunities do not necessarily knock the door twice.” Thus , I would not regret of not doing something for fear of failure, rather I would use my failure to improve my performance. 

 Aseer :- What have you always wanted to do, but never done?
Sonali :- I always wanted to travel around the world but because of the busy schedule I have kept my dream on hold.

Aseer :- What 3 words do you use to describe yourself?
Sonali :- Sensitive, Creative and introvert.

Aseer :- If you could commit one crime without being caught…?
Sonali :- LoL, I would kill all the terrorists.

Aseer :- If you are dating with you partner, suddenly your Ex come and sit on your table, what will you do ?
Sonali :- Well, I will just give him a sweet smile and say hello.

Aseer :- If you were to perform in the circus, what would you do?
Sonali :- I am quite fascinated with the trapeze artists. Their dangerous at the same time graceful performance makes me hold my breath.

Aseer :- What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Sonali :-Their communication skills.

Aseer :- Name one thing that not many people know about you.
Sonali :- I am very sensitive by nature.

Aseer :- Life without writing ?
Sonali :- I would be like a person who has lost his power of speech and expression.

Aseer :- Aseer
Sonali :-  A young, talented and budding writer who very well knows how to pen down his thoughts. More than that a great friend with a beautiful heart who is always there when you need him the most.

Aseer :- Would you love to date me ?
Sonali :- Yes Yes Yes 😀

Aseer :-  Describe the reason of your previous answer. 😛
Sonali :- You always make me laugh. You have a power to make light of a tense situation.  This unique quality is rarely found in people  these days. A girl would love to date a person with good sense of humor .

Aseer :- What one thing would you like to change about Indian society.
Sonali :- Double standards and hypocrisy. Some of the Indians need to open up their mind and rise above their so called moral values. 

Thank you very much for giving me your precious time. May you achieve all those things which you dream about and which you deserve. God Bless You. 😀


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