Few Reasons Why to Date A Black Man


 Everyone in the world wants to be fair; mostly people hate black men or women, boys or girls. If they are fair they love to dress themselves in black as they feel black will enhance their beauty but they always feel ashamed to talk to a black guy or girl. Most of them don’t want to make love with a black person. White people always project themselves as a superior creation of the god but they don’t know god never made any difference in love for his children. White people always try to make black people regret for their colour and this is the reason black people always feel more powerful than anyone else. When the whites are more in numbers and then all taunt the blacks for their colour then the person who is facing this feels more independent and powerful because they know that they will have to fight alone for their equal existence in the society. Here are the few things which will make you give show respect towards a black man and these things also says “Why to date a black man”

1.) THEY HAVE POSITIVE ENERGY: – It is known that everywhere in this world there is hatred towards a black person and the dictionary gave us a word called “Racism”. Fortunately this hatred always make a black man to respect himself more because the colour which he has been gifted by god cannot be changed and even he doesn’t want to change it because being a black man, he never become racist and he gives respect to both black and a white person. So if you date a black man you will definitely feel respected and because a black man never lets himself down even after facing so much of racism towards him, he has some positive energy which helps him keep fighting, so if you can share your time with him, you’ll also feel positivity around you.


2.) BLACK MAN HAS MORE POWER: – If someone always bullies you or taunts you on the same matter than there can be two possibilities for it to happen. One is the person who gets bullied will be in depression and second he will feel more powerful because when so many people bully one man then that man is more powerful than anyone else. The second thing always happens with a black man. So if you date a black man you will always feel protected that he can fight to save you at any point but never let you get hurt by anyone or any mean. This will show his loyalty towards you and make you feel special that someone is always with you to protect you by the evils everywhere. 3.)


3.) BLACK MAN ARE MORE INDEPENDENT: – When everyone is against you and disrespect you only because of your colour then you come to know that no one is going to help you by any mean so you make yourself more independent towards life and always a independent person will reach to its goal faster than anyone else. This happens with a black man. So if you date a black man you will never feel him being burden on you and this nature of your partner will help you keep praising yourself and respect your dignity.


4.) MORE EMOTIONAL MORE CARING: – Black is a colour which absorbs any colour in itself so the same is done by a black man. He absorbs your love and you in himself. He will never make you feel that we are two souls with different bodies. This quality make him emotional, he will respect your thought, listen you carefully, and love you without any reason. This quality in a black man came from racism, when someone faced hatred always then he always goes in search of love and to get love he spreads love, because he know love can only be earned by loving yourself.

P.S. These qualities are of ‘Black Colour’ which I linked to the person who faces racism.

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