Rapid Fire With Purba Chakraborty

Purba Chakraborty is born to a Bengali family in Kolkata on 17th June, 1990. She is a content developer, a passionateIMG_20141207_082443 author, an enthusiastic blogger and a singer in leisure. She has authored two books Walking in the streets of love and destiny (2012) and The Hidden Letters (2014). Many of her short stories and poems have been published in magazines and anthologies namely Stories for your valentine, Fusion-A mingled flavor mocktail and Rhymes and Rhythm. She is currently working on her next manuscript.





Here is the Rapid Fire round with Purba Chakraborty.


Aseer :- Reading
Purba :- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Aseer :- Writing
Purba :- My soul’s medicine

Aseer :- The Hidden letters
Purba :- My second baby

Aseer :- Childhood or Writing ? Reason
Purba :- Writing as I believe that I am born to write. This is the purpose of my life and the reason I rapid purba copyam on this earth. 

Aseer :- Name something you did as a child that your parents don’t know about
Purba :- Mom used to give me sums to do in weekends and as she used to go out of my sight, I used to take a stole of hers, dress up and dance on the 90s famous songs of Madhuri Dixit in front of the mirror. Again, as soon as I heard Mom’s footsteps, I used to take off the stole and pretend that I am studying so sincerely.

Aseer :- Love
Purba :- The eternal soul to soul connection

Aseer :- Sex
Purba :- Overrated

Aseer :- Purba
Purba :- A restless dreamer

Aseer :- Priyam
Purba :- My lifeline

Aseer :- Aseer
Purba :- A soothing poet

Aseer :- If you got a chance to be invisible for one hour what will you do.?
Purba :- I would probably go to a book shop and steal all the books that would catch my fancy.

Aseer :- What’s something you don’t want to regret when you’re older.?
Purba :- I don’t want to live a dull,boring or a half lived life. Therefore, I believe in seizing everyday and living life to the fullest so that I don’t have any regrets when I become old.

Aseer :- What have you always wanted to do, but never done?
Purba :- Travelling around the world. I really want to do that, badly.

Aseer :- 3 things which you are afraid of.?
Purba :- Losing my loved ones, fake people and lizards.

Aseer :- Do you have a secret crush on someone?
Purba :- Yes!

Aseer :- What is the most romantic thing somebody’s done for you?
Purba :- There was this guy who, after knowing that I love the guitar, learned to play it like a professional in a month or two. Then, he dedicated the Haal-e-Dil song to me by playing the guitar and singing in his own voice. I can bet that his version was much better than the original. This was the thing that I found incredibly romantic. 

Aseer :- This Session
Purba :- Super Fun!


Thank you very much for giving me your precious time. May you achieve all those things which you dream about and which you deserve. God Bless You. 🙂



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