Bachelor’s Marriage Book Review

‘Bachelor’s Marriage’ by Akshat Pradeep Solanki is a juicy love story spiced up by elements of

Name :- Bachelor’$ Marriage, Author :- Akshat Pradeep Solanki, Paperback: 288 pages, Publisher: Frog Books (29 April 2015), Language: English, Price 225, My Rating 2/5

orthodoxy in Indian society and complications of one’s teenage life.
The blurb promises to it’s readers an entertaining read, and fairly manages to keep it. The portrayal of Indian society and it’s conservative nature, was appropriate. However, the plot seems to have a lot of loops and major flaws. It seems to send out a wrong message to the readers, as the protagonist, probably confuses between teenage infatuation and love; claiming to be in romantic love with two different girls at the same time.
The narrative skills were poor, and the novel calls for better editing. However, the dramatic turns of the plot would keep one engrossed.
Recommended to the ones who are looking for a one-time read, specially teenagers.


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