Furthermore, again today your memories entered my heart and sat at its corner without thumping at the entryway of my heart, it appears like your memories made my heart, its home. You broke all the relations with me then why did you gave my address to your memories. Your memories never came alone, it has a sidekick of time which we spent together in the shed of affection where we strolled together long having as hand in hand, where nobody could listen us or could see us. That each of my sentiments, my anxiety, and my feelings which I had buried times prior, it uncovers and keep it before my eyes.


Why did you gave your address of my heart to your memories. That shadow of the tree where you read books and I attempted to make contacts with your eyes, lying on your thighs, believing that you will overlook over the stories of books and will read the sentiments of my true love in my eyes yet you never did that and you generally turned away it with a smile. The sentiments of mine which you generally released with a smile, I didn’t realize that it was a sign that you are an unfaithful person.

That bed who used to crease once tells the story of our affection when you surrendered yourself to me with the greater part of your feelings and I likewise gave it the shades of my true love and lit it with the light of faith to make your surrender of adoration like a sacred feeling. That minute when our body and our soul were creating photos of our blessed meet of affection to each side of our heart, I didn’t understood that is the sign that one day this crease of bed will go in solitude.

Listen, take your memories out from my heart like the way you vanished from my eyes, because I don’t need love, I simply need to be happy now.

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