Humanity and Religion ?

Is it accurate to say that they are all fighting for humanity and peace? Take a gander at those bits of bodies scattered everywhere throughout the road. Will these pieces offer peace to the society.? Please tell me why these are shouting so as to kill one another in the name of diffrent God’s of respected religion. ? Why God’s are so unkind to its creativity, do they hate his own art.? The religious book which you taught to me was incomplete lesson, you never let me know that religion needs blood of innocence people for peace and humanity. I Hate you for this. Would you be able to see those bodies of children. ? Does God’s are weak to the point that he feared these kids’ ? They don’t know minimal about what religion is and saviour of God’s and religion murdered them. What sort of risk they were feeling from the children who don’t even know about humanity and religion. ? We generally went to house of god to offer prayers. We pray to them for keeping us safe. Let me know when we look for help from him then when we people turns out to be strong to the point that we stood up as a saviour of god. ? I dont believe God’s will ever battle with one another to call there specific religion superior because they know every religious books which they composed just discusses peace and humanity without making any damage to other. But, then these saviour of God’s are battling for which god ?


After some time when these riots will arrive at end, will the world turn out to be more peaceful ? Also, nobody will cry for anything ? Does each religion be protected then ? Will humanity remain ? Does everybody pray and offer thanks to god for giving them this day ? Kindly answer me..

I think these were the questions from the eyes of a 12 years kid who were resting in his mother’s lap when the round of death were playing by saviours of god and religion in the city. His mother was crying, she lost her everything by seeing his child’s dead body. she dont even care now what humanity or religion is. So those questions are seeking thier answers till today.

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