Why So Judgemental ?


“Look at her, she is a cutter.”
“Yeah ! I heard about her, sometimes she bang her head on wall too.”
” Ohh really ! How stupid she is. “

I mean, really ? She is stupid just beacause she is a self harmer and depression embraced her and make her blank in respect to mind and heart. ?

No, she is not a stupid.

Stupid are those people who think that self harming is a choice. Stupid are those people who make fun of a self harmer or a depressed person. According to you they are coward, but the truth is they are more brave then you all. No one knows since how many days they are fighting with thoughts of death, just to find a ray of hope to live. They didn’t quit on life like you all. Yes! You quit on your life, you are just moving with the flow of wind and your thoughts proves it.

You are not living their life, so don’t judge them.

Thank you.
A Self Harmer.

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