Shattered Soul

“Maya, It is true that we live individually however believe me it is not a myth that our heart thumps for one another. The essence of our love is so pure that our soul reflects each other. We are separated by bodies yet together by soul. Try not to make yourself so weak, be strong and battle to win over the loneliness, love never take anything from you if you ever adored anything or anybody whole heartily, love is the force of life, so it will never leave you alone. The only thing which love demands is patience, it will give you that thing one day or another but before giving you that happiness of your, Love will persuade itself that you are faithful to it. We are grasped by sentiments, we both are each other’s feeling. Maya, feelings never vanished it stays for lifelong and even after death. Try not to hurt yourself by believing that you are distant from everyone else, each and everything is still delightful, nothing has changed,  do respect your love and feel the quintessence of it. I am with you all over the place and each minute, nothing can separate us not even death.” Yusuf kissed on Maya’s forehead and grasped her firmly.


“Maya, what happen ? Get up, why are you crying?” Maya’s mother attempted to wake her up as she saw her eyes tears.

Maya was dreaming, the delightful dream winds up with tears. Yusuf was no more around her, yet her voice is as yet resounding in her ears. She embraced her mother firmly and after a few minutes she began shouting Yusuf’s name. Her mom comprehended that she was imagining about Yusuf. She didn’t say any word, she didn’t attempt to make Maya calm, she just grasped Maya in her arms firmly and after a few minutes, she said. ” Why are you harming yourself so much, Yusuf is dead, he is not here, please escape yourself from his memories.’

Maya make her far from her mother’s arms and ran towards the photo of Yusuf and began kissing it madly, and began shouting. “I met him, I just met him, he let me know, he is with me, he let me know, he is soul mate, he let me know, nobody can separate him from me not even demise. My feelings and my sentiments are because of him and it will never get vanished.”

Maya’s mother down and out into tears ran towards her and embraced her, she would not like to say this yet she did. “Yes Maya, Yusuf is in you.”

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