Pain of Memories

“Mom, where is Yusuf.? He told me, he will pick me after my office. I was waiting for him but he didn’t come.” Maya asked her mom as she enterd in house.

Maya’s mother was standing numb, she was not able answer her.

“I won’t talk to him once more, yesterday he was telling that nothing is more important than me, I am his first priority and now he didnt even care when I was alone and waiting for him since hours. I hate him, let him come today, give him a chance to attempt to embrace me, I won’t grasp him back, he generally crushed my outrage by kissing me on my forehead and by reading some poetries. let him come today, I wont even go before him. I will make him understand that how much it hurt when you are separated from everyone else. I recall that day, when he pulled me to him and embraced me, firmly kissed me all over and said whenever you need me I will come to you no matter how much I am busy. He lied to me, he broke his promises. He dont adore me, he generally make me feel alone when I need him. Mom, you know, last nigt he was with me and saying that, you are my soul and I can’t even think about being apart from you He told me that I am his heartbeats. He was telling me, I am his life not simply some portion of life. He lied every single thing about me. He dont feel for me, he don’t love me any longer.” Maya told this to his Mother in her all anger.”

‘Maya, my baby.. listen to me..’ before she finished her sentence, Maya started sobbing uncontrollably and began shouting.


“Yuuusssuufff.. why you did this to me.? why you left me alone? Can’t you see my pain? Can’t you see how much I love you.? Please come back. I will embraced you tightly, I will let you kiss me, I will listen your peotries. Please come back Yusuf.”

Maya’s mother embraced her and said. ‘I am happy that you joined your office again, but please recover yourself from his memories, don’t hurt youself this much, Yusuf will get hurt if he will see you like this.’

“Yusuf will see me.?” Maya’s asked to her mother in curiosity.

Maya’s mother understood that she did a mistake by saying this yet she needed to reply. ‘Yes, He will.’

“Yusuf will come to me, I won’t let him go again, This pain of his memories will turn into the reason of my reunioun with him. Yes he will come to me because he can’t see me in pain. I can take more agony for him, and all of a sudden she began yelling once more.. “Yuussssuuuufffff” look at me, where are you? look at me I am in pain, I am hurting myself, come and stop me, come and heal my wounds by your presence. Where are you Yusuf.? I am crying, come back to me and wipe my tears.” Maya sat down in corner of the room and after a few snippets of hush she yelled and burst into tears once more. “Yuuusssuufff”

Maya’s mom hold her firmly, this time she didnt say, she was simply giving her love by her touch and crying with her. After some time Maya fall asleep in her mother’s lap. Maya’s mom took the photo of Yusuf from the table close to her and put it on Maya’s heart.

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