Rapid Fire With Pamela Bose

Pamela Bose, born & brought up in Allahabad, U.P is buoyant, candid & zestful by nature. Her life revolves around her parents & her pet dog. Writing is an indispensable part of her. She has dscn0634-copy.jpg.jpegcontributed for eight anthologies till date and currently working on a self conceptualized book. Weaving emotions into words and creating magic in kitchen is her passion, something that gives her peace & happiness.








Here is the Rapid Fire Fun With Pamela Bose.



Aseer :- Writing
Pamela :- Passion

Aseer :- Books
Pamela :- Necessity

Aseer :- Reading
Pamela :- Addiction

Aseer :- Which is the funniest prank played on you?
Pamela :-  I can sense pranks before it is played on me, I’m too smart you see *winks* 😉

Aseer :- If you could have an unlimited storage of one thing, what would it be?
Pamela :- Books & if living, then pet dogs.

Aseer :- If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
Pamela :- “You actually lived the life I gave you”.

Aseer :- Favorite word? 


Pamela :- Peace

Aseer :- One piece of clothing you can’t live without?pame rapid
Pamela :- My shorts & t-shirt.

Aseer :- What was the worst lie that you told your parents? Were you ever caught?
Pamela :- That there won’t be any parents teachers meet for this session. No, thankfully somehow I wasn’t caught.

Aseer :- If you find that your best friend is cheating on his girlfriend, what would you do?
Pamela :-  I’ll surely condemn his act & ask him to be honest at least with himself, if not with anybody else.

Aseer :- What was your last relationship like?
Pamela :- An eye-opener

Aseer :- Describe the most wonderful romantic night ever.
Pamela :- Too personal 😛
( Aseer :- Ohh ‘Censored’ content 😛

Aseer :-If you were an animal, and you are where you are right now, what would you be doing?
Pamela :- Well, what would an animal do with a laptop :-O, I’m currently using laptop.

Aseer :- Love or Lust ? Why ?
Pamela :- Love, any day…. Feeling of lust is too shallow to be my choice.

Aseer :- If you were one of two people left on this earth, and the other was of the same sex; would you go homo?
Pamela :- Ewwww….nooooo….. I’ll be happy alone.

Aseer :- If you have to choose between your husband and books what will you choose?
Pamela :- As of now I don’t have husband, so books. And in future, I’ll strike a good balance of both 😀

Aseer :- Pamela
Pamela :- Confident, straight forward, responsible, witty

Aseer :- Aseer
Pamela :-  “Maa use sitara kehti hain, aur main use awara kehti hoon” 😀 well jokes apart, he is a sweetheart. I can completely be myself with him.

Aseer :- This session ?
Pamela :- loved it ❤ Anything for Ankit.

Aseer :- If I ask you for a alcoholic date, what will be your reply?
Pamela :- Yes, only if you pay the bill 😛

“Thank you so much for your precious time. May god bless you with all the happiness.”

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