An Open Letter To Plagiarist


Dear Plagiarist,

Hope you are doing fine and enjoying with your loved ones. I would prefer not to destroy your fun however I just want you to know what you simply did to the lover of litrature. The write-ups you copied was the consequence of somebody’s innumerable restless night, they cried, took the pills of cerebral pain, edited thier write-ups more than 10 times just to give flawlessness so the readers can enjoy and feel inspire. They spent sleepless night to give peaceful night by thier writings to you. Some of them are battling subsequent to numerous years to make thier position in litrature world, they felt unworthy, useless and at some point contemplations of quitting on writing wander around thier mind when they recieve dismissal for thier write-ups, however writers are exceptionally motivated in itself so they continue working again on the same write-ups. In our society, writing  is no less than a taboo, some writers abonded by society and family as a result of thier intrest in literature, their passion about writing make only them alone yet at the same time they keep in touch with serve peace to the same society who abonded them. We writers spent our entire life to write every last write-up of us. We admire and look for the beauty of literature all over the place since we opened our eyes to till we inked it on blank paper. Every last word poured with the enthusiasm, smile, satisfaction, happiness, torment, battle, love, lonliness and depression of the writer. You know, what you did to them.? You murderd their emotions, you abused thier passion, you snacthed their joy which they earned by spenting thier entire life. Don’t you understand, the gratefulness which you only recived by plagiarism was the procuring of another person.? Wouldn’t you say, subsequent to experiencing such pain and abundance, they atleast deserve what they earn.? You snacthed thier dream of getting appreciated which they were trying to get since many years. Try not to demolish somebody’s day just to make your night brilliant. If you can’t appreciate somebody’s work atleast don’t stole it. I don’t know how will you feel after reading this but let me tell you you just gave lot of pain and tears to the writer by plagiarism.

A True Writer.

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