Happiness Is The Word

कस्येकान्तं सुखम उपनतं, दुःखम एकन्ततो वा
नीचैर गच्छति उपरि च, दशा चक्र्नेमिक्रमेणा ||

Who has seen only sadness and who has seen only happiness?
Life is a wheel revolving around sadness and happiness turn by turn.

We cannot express how much we are happy by any mean, because we always crave for more and forgot that neither happiness comes with promise of staying lifelong with you nor sadness. The moments which we ask to give us while praying is our real happiness. The smile while thinking about our dream which we wants to make in real is the moment of happiness, though we are not living that particular dream in reality right that stage but the craving of achieving something which makes us smile by heart is real happiness. When we go through some bad times in our life, when sadness grabs us and denying to leave, on that moment the spirit of fighting with your tears to get the beautiful moment of your life is the example of hope, that ray of hope inside you is the real happiness.


For me, happiness is the moment which I am afraid to lose. I also feel, the moment you are living presently is the best time you have ever had because every person wants to smile every second of his life, no one wants to cry or feel sad. The curiosity to achieve smile every second and on the same time thoughts like ‘What if I lost it?’ is pure blissful happiness. If you have something to lose and you are afraid of it than I feel you are the most happiest person of the world.

Yes, I do crave for more happiness like others even only for happiness, but like above Shloka said..

नीचैर गच्छति उपरि च, दशा चक्र्नेमिक्रमेणा’
 Life is a wheel revolving around sadness and happiness turn by turn.

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