Coward? Really?

According to the reports of World Health Organization, In India 36% of people are suffering from ‪‎depression and other mental illness, mostly teenagers. This is the highest percentage of suffering around the world.

So, my question to all those who are calling ‪‎Pratyusha‬, a ‪‎coward. What you do when a person tells you that, ‘I am feeling suicidal.’

I am not supporting ‪‎Suicide in any manner, I know suicide is not a answer to problems. But, how much you know her, have you any idea about her suffering?


Yeah, I also don’t know about her situation, I also don’t know about her mental condition, and this is my point, when you don’t know anything about anyone how can you give them a certificate of their personality. Without knowing anything how can you judge a person.? And who the fuck are you to judge her personality.?

I don’t understand why people compare someone feelings with other, someone suffering with other. May be other person is suffering and struggling more from one but at the end each person has to live their own life, you cant live someone else life or someone your’s. We all our individual, We have our own strength and for each of us, their problem is the biggest problem.

Suicide is always a pre-planned thing, the person who feels suicidal always leave some signs behind him. But most of the people just laugh on those signs giving a certificate of ‘Attention Seeker’, you morons not every person who say ‘I am feeling depressed or mentally ill’ is a attention seeker.

                          Pratyusha Banerjee  Source

Someone, somewhere told you once that ‘Suicide is a coward thing’ and you just learnt it by heart and applying this thought on every person who commit Suicide. Just for a moment think about that moment when she decided to quit on his life. She must be crying that moment, she must be searching for anyone to speak, but she didn’t find anyone, she was alone. You left her alone, I repeat ‘YOU’. (Now don’t say you didn’t know her, you are saying coward to her it means you know her very well.)

I request you people to listen other who feel mentally sick, don’t taunt them, don’t leave them, don’t make them a part of your group discussion just to kill your time. They just want someone to listen them, they are not coward, they are fighter, they are fighting. If they share something with you, it means they want you to listen without ‪judging them.

Please do not call coward to those who feel suicidal, may be this is the reason of their mental stress. Try to love them, they may recoup themselves from harsh time just because your love and care. Don’t hate them, they are also human being. ‪

RIP‬ Pratyusha.

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