Paled Memories


You know, neither your touch nor my moving hand down your neck arouses our feelings and senses. It’s our eyes which tell the tale of our love and seduce us”, he said, grabbing her waist from back.

“Every time I look into your eyes, I see the whole of me being captured in your sights”, she said turning towards him and looking right into his eyes.

“Each trace of me is a part of yours”, he said to her and kissed her forehead.

Their eyes met. Their tongues got enlocked, entangled and entwined. They both were now at the doorstep of love, knocking for pain and pleasure.

He ran his fingers down her clavicle and pulled down a sleeve of her top to kiss her shoulder. She started running her slender fingers gently through his hair and suddenly she pushed him back, stared at him for a moment, smiled, and pulled him closer to lock her lips with him again.

His hands were groping the curves of her buxom and waist, measuring and testing each concaves and convexes of her body. He closed his eyes and inhaled her fragrance. It was as exotic as the scent of a new book and it enlightened his desires to explore and read all the curves and cuts of her body like a Braille script.

He whipped her top over her head. A veil of shy iced with layers of carnal desire dawned over her, ascending her heartbeats. Her eyes casted downwards with a smile on face. He came closer to her. Gently lifted her chin up, to look into her eyes and smiled. “I can die any moment if someone asks me to die for your smile” he said in a soft romantic voice.

She sighed. The warmth of her breath awakened every bit of him and he pushed her against the wall, turned her back, and creasing his fingers he unhooked the buttons of the last piece of her upper garment while planting those passion fueled kisses on her nape. The fingers of their left hand clasped together, talked and played with each other in the language of love.


The loosened corset fell like a blooming petal and her shy heart promptly tickled her mind to hide the scoops of her deepest penetralia, and she covered and cupped her breasts with her hands. He turned her towards him, and lifted her up in his arms and laid in the bed.

He kneaded and slid down his hands from between the channel of her buxom. He kissed and licked her papilla. He slid and glided his hands inside her long pleated floral printed skirt to feel the warmth and moist sensations of her thighs. Pressing every needs and libidos he unclad her completely. She kissed his neck and unbuttoned his shirt and they both dived into the world of pleasure. Her mouth toured down kissing and unzipping his pair of blue denims. They got dressed with each other’s body as their deepest desire got excited with each other’s love. With every slightest touch and pleasure’s sting they started freeing themselves from within.

“Take Your Lunch” A policeman said to Yusuf, sliding the steel plate that contained two pale chapattis, from under the cell.

Yusuf realized that he was day dreaming. He lost his control over himself and cried calling the name of his beloved, Maya. It was not the first time that he was day dreaming. Many a times he went through the memories of Maya in the last 2 years since he was sentenced to imprisonment for the unkind act of forceful abortion of her girl child.

His spasm of realization of error & blunder became too heavy for his heart to bear. Excruciating inrush of guilt surged up to his gullet and devouring them back down was becoming impossible for him. He wished he had not committed that blunder of unbirth cremation of his daughter. All he knew that someday he would surely be forgiven by law but not by his wife, Maya. Her hatred for him would be carried forward with each passing day. Yusuf died in himself, he was nothing more than a living corpse waiting to die physically so that he can ask for forgiveness to his aborted daughter, somewhere in life after death for his inhumanity. He knew he lost his everything and he can’t get back those moments of love from his beloved as he died every moment as a regretter.

Ankit Gupta ‘Aseer‘ & Nayanika Dey 

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