Let’s Talk About Depression

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From the last 10 years, I feel I am living 2 different life within me. But, unfortunately, the people around me and the world doesn’t know about it. They just know about that person which I show to them or which I fake. The only difference between my two lives is a person within me interact with everyone but the other one talks with me only. And then when I started reading about this and went to a psychiatrist, I came to know that I am suffering from severe depression.

People misconcept between sadness and depression. They think sadness and depression are the two different terms for the same thing. But, sadness is when you can see nothing in your life make sense. On the other hand, depression is when you feel everything around you is perfectly alright but you are not.

If you fall in sadness, few musical nights, group of friends can make you alive within few minutes. But if you are depressed, you become numb, you lost the power to react to think, a kind of blockage restrict your head and takes you the dark world where you only see to give up on your life. As I do, As I feel.

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According to the reports of UN, in every 40 seconds, a person commit suicide because of depression. But we don’t care, we don’t talk about it, and if someone does, we bully them, laugh at them or ignore them. We need to think about it, we need to react, we need to talk about depression.

A huge part of broken me also tried to commit suicide but rescued. I believe, there is still some part of me who wants to live, who has hope that things will change, darkness will not remain forever. And that small part rescued me from death. Some people laugh at me some support me and some ignore me and that’s how the world is splitting in good and bad, truth and lie.

Depression is a huge problem and it only can be tackled by exchanging of thoughts. So please, Start talking about depression.

Here I am sharing a youtube video of therapist Kati Morton describing the “6 MUST KNOW SIGNS of DEPRESSION!”

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