Death, the only god

Despite of fear of life everyone is afraid of death. Afraid of that energy which cannot be destroy. Gods are represented as an energy. Gods are so many but energy is one so the death is. Death; the only true god which pulls us out without any question ask from the hell we are living. The only god who opens his gate for you without asking your name, caste, doings, and religion you belongs to. He is same for all. He is the one whom you curse from taking you away from where you belongs but in truth, the only god takes you to your actual home where you can rest in peace, that same relaxation which you searched all your life and asking from all those gods which you created. The fear of death made life more potent, which lead us to the path of illusion where everything which seems truth including power, name, rights is actually a false. Death is same as darkness who forced you to think far away from what you see and that’s what the god is for.

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