The Impure Us (Guest Post)

Guest Writer Tanushri Indoria // Social Media Evangelist | Poet | Blogger  No matter how pure a soul you are…. Every single act plotted against you, disappointments showered upon you, every emotional downfall you are made to face and deliberate moves to just see you unhappy; do fill you with a little sense of spite. Yes,... Continue Reading →


तुम अपनी मजबूरियों में जकड़ी हो मैं अपनी परेशानियों का क़ैदी हूँ, एक रिश्ता जो पला था कभी  हमारे दरमियाँ, सांस उसकी भी अब उखड़ने लगी है, फासले शक्ल ले रहें हैं राहों में उम्मीद का दम घुट रहा है, वस्ल की ठंडक खो चुकी है हिज्र आग सा बरस रहा है... इल्म तुमको भी... Continue Reading →

The journey for imperfect relations

The only perfect thing we would get on the journey of our life is Death. The ultimate Peace. But we struggle to carry the imperfect relation, we also crave for Journey, luxury, sex, love, job, all immaterial things that hold us temporarily and all these are an illusion of happiness which make us hollow, weak,... Continue Reading →

India after adopting ‘Open Economy’

In the decade of 90’s when India has the population of approx 90 crores, the foreign exchange reserves in India remains only 110 crore US Dollar. And in the year 1991 India cannot couldn't its import business more than 2 weeks. The economic condition of the world’s largest democratic country was in danger. To get... Continue Reading →

Death, the only god

Despite of fear of life everyone is afraid of death. Afraid of that energy which cannot be destroy. Gods are represented as an energy. Gods are so many but energy is one so the death is. Death; the only true god which pulls us out without any question ask from the hell we are living. The... Continue Reading →

What I lost…

Sinking into the deep ocean of need, what I earned is a desk & chair, along with a 17 inches world. Clicking on lives regularly without any fail, picking information, Plucking whereabouts about politics, sports, lifestyle, fashion and what not, sharing to the world for their ease, to sip a cup of tea every morning.... Continue Reading →

Power of Five!

Here is a list of five most interesting fiction and non-fiction books by Indian authors you should read. In every branch or different segments of writing be it fiction, dramatization, life story, verse, novels, short stories, literary criticism, Indian literature has a colossal assortment to offer. About each significant Indian dialect has a rich convention... Continue Reading →

Share your story!

The trend of sharing your photos with the story for just 24 hours makes bigger changes in social media accordingly catching the technology. Firstly, messages from instant messengers focussed on delivering the safe way of chats. Later catching new trends Snapchat introduced post stories feature. And then trend moved to other instant messengers and photo... Continue Reading →

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