Thank You! For Your Love

Artists are incomplete without appreciation. I feel lucky that people love what I Write. Here I am sharing few reviews about my write-ups. Thank you, everyone, for showering your love.

Forgotten Anglo-Indian Cuisine

Indian foods are known on every corner of the world. However, with time some delicious dishes from the ancient India went unknown. Anglo-Indian foods are one of those from that time. Anglo-Indian is the cuisine that was created amid the British Raj in India. Indian nourishment that was cooked and tasted so great to the... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Depression

From the last 10 years, I feel I am living 2 different life within me. But, unfortunately, the people around me and the world doesn't know about it. They just know about that person which I show to them or which I fake. The only difference between my two lives is a person within me... Continue Reading →


Dr. Sasiprabha Author/Poet/Editor   Poetry is a dying art. Nobody reads poetry anymore. Above are quite familiar statements to you if you belong to somewhere inside or close to the writing/reading/publishing/reviewing/academic fraternity. Or you could be someone unrelated too with your own significant online existence because the statements are too common and too frequent there.... Continue Reading →


About 3000 years ago, when a dharamyudh called 'Mahabharata' happened, Krishna never thought how much it would affect the present day, which is the 21st century. The Mahabharata seems to have happened because of so many reasons like Draupdi-cheerharan, Shakuni's spite towards both - his sister’s husband Dhritrastra and Bhishma, who was responsible for his... Continue Reading →

I Miss You.

I don't know how? But I can feel her sadness of being alone after her seperation with me. Maybe it's because somewhere deep inside my heart, I am also feeling the same. The days and night which we spent was not enough to let each others go and live alone with thier daily routine life.... Continue Reading →

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