Five Things You Should Not Say To A Writer

A blank paper is never blank for writers; they can see jumbled words on it. It works like a mirror for


their heart and mind. Writers can live their whole life in a single blank sheet of paper. For an ordinary human, oxygen is important to live but for a writer a pen and his words are more important than oxygen. Don’t even dare to think that writing is an easy job; it takes in a lot of hard work, pain and sleepless nights to write down a single line of story. For a writer, world is imaginary and nothing more than a dream, so never try to break a writer’s dream. Here are the 5 things which you need to oppose in front of a writer.

1.) ANYONE CAN WRITE, IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL : – If everyone can write or understand writers than this world would have become the happiest place in the universe, but unfortunately it is not. You are living because writers keep you alive by their motivational thoughts. It takes a lot of courage to pen down one’s own feelings and put it in front of the world. It needs rules and regulation of literature and it’s a fact that everyone doesn’t know. So writing is not for everyone, there are some selected souls for it.


2.) YOU CANNOT EARN MONEY THROUGH WRITING. :- Oh c’mon, you can’t earn money by any means without struggling, even an engineer and a doctor struggle from the very first day of their life and sometimes they fail too. They roam here and there with their degrees for many years, like they struggle, we writers too, we don’t know what comes next. There are many writers who are Billionaires. We writers just don’t want money; we also want satisfaction for our own soul. Nothing comes with guarantee, so as for writing and who struggle with passion and dedication, Satisfaction as well as money kiss their feet.


3.) CAN YOU TELL ME YOUR STORY PLOT ? : – As it is illegal to ask, “Is it a boy or girl?” For a writer, his manuscript is his unborn baby. He loves his story more than anything, so do wait for the right time. Why would he tell you his story which he was dreaming since his childhood years?


4.) YOU COULD BE THE NEXT PAULO COELHO: – Holy shit! Why anyone would want to be or resemble some other author. A writer writes his own thoughts; he wants to be get famous by his name. If you compare him with anyone else it would be an insult to his writing. Writers always want to write something new which they never read earlier, and if they succeed then don’t ever say that “You could be the next (Any famous writer.)”. They might be getting hurt badly.


5.) IS IT YOUR TRUE STORY ? : – Oh c’mon, he is a writer. He has imagination power more strong than any other normal human; he can feel heartbeat of non living things which any other normal human cannot. Don’t underestimate a writer’s thought; a writer can go far beyond from your thinking.

This blog post is dedicated to all the writers.

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